Our Class Poem

My Magic Box

I will put in my box

The smell of honey from a bee’s nest,

A sparkling dolphin swimming through the shimmering sea,

The fairy dust from a magical fairy.


I will put in my box

A stinking sausage doing mindful maths,

An eye from a creepy, critical cyclops,

The first evil laugh of a witch.


I will put in my box

The first pot of glistening gold,

A marshmallow from the creepy Ghostbusters,

A horse’s sparkles.


I will put in my box

A lazy lion running for it’s prey,

The swish of a beautiful sea

The tail from a shimmering mermaid.


I will put in my box

A magical marshmallow from shining stars,

A fiery eye from the fire Phoenix,

A flaming fire dragon with a hot red spike.


I will put in my box

A beautiful sunset over a sparkling sea,

A cooling ice-cream with a fabulous flake,

A new Westy doll wearing the cutest coat ever.



I will put in my box,

All my friends having a big party,

A blazing flash from a fiery Risheram,

A dangerous dog eating a sizzling sausage.


I will put in my box,

The waves of the Atllantic crashing ferociously,

The biggest, fluffiest bear that ever existed,

A dangerous dragon breathing fiery flames.


I will put in my box

A chilly chocolate ice lolly getting eaten by a child,

A stinky sausage wearing pink pants

A mindfulness moon glittering with beautiful stars.