Mrs Tyson needed our help in maths today!

When Mrs Tyson was having some accounting problems this week, she knew she could turn to the amazing mathematicians in Year 3 Hall for help.

Look how Year 3 solved these tricky calculations…

Mrs Tyson was so relieved our class had solved her maths problem.  Well done Year 3 Hall!  Do you have a maths problem you need our class to help with?



5 thoughts on “Mrs Tyson needed our help in maths today!

  1. Hello I am Evie from y3p are class needed to do that problem aswell all our class did good at the hard work I hop your class did fantastic job

    • Thank you for commenting on our blog, Evie. It is lovely to see other children looking at what we are up to in Year 3 Hall! 5 dojos for you from me!

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