Investigating Air Resistance

Year 3 Hall had a fantastic day of being Scientists, designing and making parachutes. The children all became project leaders for parts of the day with Claudia especially demonstrating her leadership skills to achieve the class support for the sunshine cushion.

Which parachute was the best?

What did the best parachute need to do?

What team work skills did you learn from this challenge?

2 thoughts on “Investigating Air Resistance

  1. This looked really interesting when I walked through the hall! I loved hearing Isaac explain the materials that he chose and then Finlay explained how he made it a fair test.
    What was the best part of the experiment?
    Your scientific knowledge is so impressive! I wonder if some of you will come to Year 6 and show me your Science books?
    Keep it up,

    Mr Taylor

  2. I loved doing air risistens , making the parashouts and I know the steps

    Step 1 you must plan your parashouts
    Step 2 you must make your parashouts
    Step 3 you must test your parashouts
    Step 4 you must rite about your testing

    and you will have done!

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