Investigating Air Resistance

Year 3 Hall had a fantastic day of being Scientists, designing and making parachutes. The children all became project leaders for parts of the day with Claudia especially demonstrating her leadership skills to achieve the class support for the sunshine cushion.

Which parachute was the best?

What did the best parachute need to do?

What team work skills did you learn from this challenge?

Our Class Poem

My Magic Box

I will put in my box

The smell of honey from a bee’s nest,

A sparkling dolphin swimming through the shimmering sea,

The fairy dust from a magical fairy.


I will put in my box

A stinking sausage doing mindful maths,

An eye from a creepy, critical cyclops,

The first evil laugh of a witch.


I will put in my box

The first pot of glistening gold,

A marshmallow from the creepy Ghostbusters,

A horse’s sparkles.


I will put in my box

A lazy lion running for it’s prey,

The swish of a beautiful sea

The tail from a shimmering mermaid.


I will put in my box

A magical marshmallow from shining stars,

A fiery eye from the fire Phoenix,

A flaming fire dragon with a hot red spike.


I will put in my box

A beautiful sunset over a sparkling sea,

A cooling ice-cream with a fabulous flake,

A new Westy doll wearing the cutest coat ever.



I will put in my box,

All my friends having a big party,

A blazing flash from a fiery Risheram,

A dangerous dog eating a sizzling sausage.


I will put in my box,

The waves of the Atllantic crashing ferociously,

The biggest, fluffiest bear that ever existed,

A dangerous dragon breathing fiery flames.


I will put in my box

A chilly chocolate ice lolly getting eaten by a child,

A stinky sausage wearing pink pants

A mindfulness moon glittering with beautiful stars.